Quality Policy

Our Vision

To be the No. 1 Furniture Solutions Provider in dynamic equilibrium with its social ecological and economic environment striving continuously for 

excellence in designing, maufacturing, furnishing, research and technological service to the nation.


Our Mission

To create and sustain competence in manufacturing with continuous Technological Innovation which whould create value for money for all our consumers.

To pursue and update ourselves continuously for a change and achieve customers satisfaction.

To provide value-based products to satisfy the needs of society and the industry.

To help in building national capabilities in quality, durable infrastructure with continuous research and development.

Quality Policy

KANIKA’s mission is to be a dynamically growing, profitable, environmentally responsible, international manufacturer of high-quality home furnishings combining human skills, advanced technologies and innovative solutions to anticipate and satisfy the needs of our valued customers

Core Values

To achive success Kanika will :

Develop quality human resources to serve the nation

Recognize quality production process and customer’s Satisfaction as a unifying activity

Nurture integrity, creativity and Industrial growth

Rretain a willingness to experiment with new paradigms

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