For the ultimate in quality and corrosion resistance, our Architectural Series cabinetry is suitable for both outdoor kitchens and commercial kitchens with the option of 6″ legs to meet NSF-2 standards.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, our Architectural Series cabinets are suitable for both interior and exterior use, as well as food industry applications. Cabinets are constructed entirely of types 304 and 430 stainless with a #4 brushed finish.

Cabinets are shipped with a protective PVC plastic film to protect them until they are installed.

We provide quality craftsmanship and aesthetic design. Using 18 gauge stainless steel, our cabinets provide extra durability and resistance as compared to 20 gauge used by most industry competitors (18 gauge is 30% heavier than 20 gauge).

The cabinet components are securely assembled using stainless steel fasteners and corner stiffeners. The Blumotion rails and stainless drawer boxes provide an excellent soft close feature. We only use Blum hardware for all of our series of cabinetry.

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